The advantages and disadvantages of buying a used vehicle online

buying a used vehicle online

Over the years, online shopping has definitely convinced the French since no less than 112 billion euros were spent on the web during the year 2020 according to the Federation of e-commerce and sale from a distance.

The ease of distance purchasing and the security of banking transactions have made it possible to convert reluctant consumers. The proliferation of home delivery solutions, in store or at a relay point, allows the buyer to be in control of the delivery of his purchase according to his availability.

Whether clothing, cosmetics or food, cinema tickets or gift cards, all categories of goods are now concerned and sales to individuals are no exception to the rule.

The used car market is just as concerned by the success of the digitalization of the customer journey. In fact, more than 90% of intentional purchasers begin their journey on the Internet by first monitoring various automobile sites, either according to a brand/model of vehicle, or according to a budgetary envelope. All the essential information is available: photos, prices, type of guarantee, engine, year of entry into service, options and standard equipment, financing offers for lease with option to buy or long-term lease, etc. of a new car is a complex operation in many respects.

On our website, we offer all the used cars of all brands that we market and which are ready for sale. We thus display a price including VAT (excluding application and registration fees) but also a rent in the case of financing. Our simulator determines according to your contribution and the duration you want, the amount of the monthly payment. Are there only advantages to buying your next used car online? Can we only trust specialized sites?

Online shopping, a comfortable and personalized service:

Buying a car on the internet offers the advantage of being able to select and compare between the different products and players on the market without any constraints: at any time of the day and night, from your sofa, all cars are accessible and categorized. The buyer no longer needs to take his vehicle and go to the various used car parks; nor does he have to search for the location of the models that match his search.

The pre-selection of your car can be done remotely in complete peace of mind. Depending on the site you are on, you may have several options. As for, you have the choice of contacting the dealership that exhibits the vehicles that caught your interest for more information; you can also make a contact request by email which will allow our sales team to get in touch with you to give you more information and offer you an appointment at the dealership. For the most anxious, we now also offer the possibility of reserving your vehicle by paying a deposit via our secure payment service on the site.

Completion of the purchase

The car is the second item of household expenditure. You have done a good job by carrying out a complete watch and you have finally found the one that meets all your requirements…but how can you be sure that it is not about to be sold? It is exactly for this reason that we have developed our own online booking module in particular.

Finally, we are indeed aware that you are not going to invest such a sum without even having seen or tried the model of your choice. If the journey indeed begins on the web, the sales contract, for its part, will indeed be the subject of a meeting, for several reasons:

– It seems obvious that you are going to want to see the car and even try it, which is essential in view of the amount you are ready to invest and the use you are going to make of it: general condition, maintenance,

– When it comes to such a substantial item of expenditure, you must have the guarantee that not only does the vehicle correspond in all respects to your expectations, but also that the professional presents all the guarantees to make this purchase in complete safety: compliance of the vehicle, solvency of the company, preparation of the administrative file and registration, possible recovery of your old vehicle, etc.

From the web to vehicle testing, an additional formula

As you will have understood, the ideal course would be the one that starts behind a screen and ends behind a steering wheel!

It is undeniable that the buyer would be wrong to deprive himself of the wealth of information presented to him on the Internet, just as he could have regrets not seeing and testing his next car.

Our group is particularly convinced of the need for this complementarity: leaving you free to choose by being fully informed thanks to our website and providing you with professionals who will be keen to welcome you, listen to you and help you. provide advice if desired. Vehicles and transactions are carried out without any risk in a professional and secure environment.

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