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Make a simulation of the quotes

To carry out your simulation of auto insurance offers, all you have to do is fill out a single form. You are first asked to provide information about your vehicle and how you use it. You are then asked about your situation, ie your driver profile and your history. 

Be specific to find cheap car insurance

To offer you car insurance quotes that correspond exactly to your situation, you must provide precise and accurate answers to questions from insurers. You can thus be sure that the rate you obtain at the end of the form is the final rate.

Get free quotes in real time

You will receive, immediately after completing the form, contract proposals from our insurance partners. Indeed, your answers allow us to question them so that they return offers to you which correspond exactly to the information which you provided.

Third-party or all-risk: determine your needs

In car insurance, you have the choice between 2 major formulas: third-party insurance, the only compulsory cover imposed by law, and all-risk car insurance. To these two formulas is often added an intermediate insurance offer, generally covering glass breakage, theft and fire, or even 0 km breakdown assistance with or without deductible. To make a fair choice of the insurance formula to take out, it is essential to determine your needs beforehand.

Save time comparing insurance

Thanks to the comparison of car insurance quotes on the comparator, you get to know at a glance the practices of the car insurance market in France, both in terms of prices and the guarantees that you can take out. This saves you considerable time and gives you the opportunity to make real savings on your contracts.

Compare franchises

Pay attention to the amounts of deductibles which often determine the price of the insurance premium. Indeed, if the deductibles are low the premium will be high and vice versa. It is therefore in your interest to learn how to properly determine your needs in order to be sure of benefiting from good care.

Request detailed auto insurance quotes

On the results page, at the end of the form, if you do not want to subscribe immediately, you can take the time to think about the proposal of the insurer that interests you by requesting a detailed quote. This will show you the price of the annual premium as well as the guarantees included. If you want to know more about the insurance proposal, you can also be called back by a company advisor. Finally, if you are convinced by an offer, you can directly subscribe to it online by being redirected to the insurer’s website.

What is car insurance?

What does it protect? What are the different formulas and guarantees? What are the possible options? How to subscribe online? How to terminate (without necessarily waiting for the expiry date of your contract)? Review of details.

If you are still asking yourself THE question (is car insurance compulsory?), the answer is YES, definitely YES. The law of February 27, 1958 is formal: all car owners must insure their vehicle, at least with the help of civil liability cover (otherwise known as the third party formula).

This car insurance is intended to cover compensation for material damage and bodily injury that you (the driver of the car or your passengers) may cause in an accident involving your vehicle. We will see later the different guarantees that can be the subject of a car insurance contract: all risks, third party, intermediate car insurance…

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